By the present consent on the grounds of art. 7 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679

In my capacity as a subject of personal data I HEREBY GRANT MY CONSENT „Four X films“ EOOD(SMLLC), UIC 201224252, with trade-mark Star box casting® in its capacity as Personal data controller to process, including to collect, use, keep (store) and delete the following personal data of: full name, PIN, ID card number, date of issue, which department of MOL has issued the ID card, address under ID card and current address, town of residence, nationality, marital status, current employment status, professional background, height, health status (data concerning health are important if there is evidence of a health issue which would prevent the fulfillment of the contract and would put the artist life at risk), phone number, email address, Facebook profile, height, weight, clothing and shoes size, specific skills (in the field of arts and sport), education, spoken languages, driving license, model and make of (possessed) car and pets, special features (tattoos, marks, piercing, hair color), food preferences, experience in front of a camera, information concerning my consent/dissent to appear in scenes in underwear, seminude scenes and nude scenes without showing genitals, actual photos of me, provided by me and/or made by a representative of „Four X films“ EOOD

In view of

Selection of persons for participation in audio-visual products, implementation of pre-contractual relations or performance of an executed contract, adherence to pre-existing normative and not normative acts.

for a period of 6 (six) years

and to assign my personal data for use within the purposes, described herein, to clients of the Controller, with which it has concluded contracts according to art.28 of Regulation EU 2016/679 and/or another Controller, with which „Four X films“ EOOD has a concluded contract according to which the purpose of processing personal data is jointly set by the parties (processing personal data in the controller-controller relation), also to state authorities and legal entities, supported by the budget, thereby ensuring that my personal data shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and the local legislation.

I HEREBY GRANT MY CONSENT that my personal data to be provided for processing by “PODDRAZKA BG” Ltd., UIC 200692419 when using software system FITSYS, owned by the company, with which pursuant to Art. 28, item 3 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 FOR EX FILMS EOOD has a contract, which regulates the subject and duration of the processing, the nature and purpose of processing, the type of personal data and categories of data subjects and the obligations and rights of the administrator.

I HEREBY GRANT MY CONSENT that my personal data will be provided for processing by Mainboard LLC, New York, USA when using the Portfolio software system owned by the company.

I HEREBY GRANT MY CONSENT that my personal data will be provided for processing by “Prise International” EOOD, UIC 131194611 when using the software phone system CallFlow owned by the company.

I HEREBY GRANT MY CONSENT for provision of my personal data to a recipient- a country, which is not a Member-state of the European Union and/or the European economic area (third party) to be made on an exclusive basis, when: а) it is required for the implementation of an executed contract between me and the Controller or in view of implementation of pre-contractual relations for the signing or implementation of a contract, executed between the Controller and third party in my interest; b) have been executed standard clauses with the recipient of the personal data from the third party, which clauses are adopted by decision of the European Commission; c) there is a decision of the European Commission with regard to the adequate level of protection of the personal data, provided by the particular third party; d) in cases when the recipient of data is located in the USA and is Privacy Shield treaty certified as conducted by and between the USA and the EC, thus verifying that availability of adequate measures for protection of the personal data by the respective entity/individual. I have been made aware of: -the purpose and means of processing personal data; -the voluntary nature of providing personal data and the consequence of refusing to provide personal data; -recipients or the categories of recipients to whom personal data may be disclosed (such as accounting companies, law firms and other parties who, when necessary serve the company and in accordance with this operation would have access to my personal data, and any other controller, by means of a contract with „Four X films“ EOOD is processing personal data for joint purposes in relation controller-controller).

By signing the present document I hereby declare that I am aware that „Four Х films“EOOD exercises 24-hour video and audio surveillance and recording of the entry and inside the premises of the office, located at No47 Kozyak str., in order to be avoided misuses and preservation of confidential information and confidential documents.

By signing the present document, I hereby declare that I am aware of the following rights of mine:

Right of information regarding, and access to my personal data, stored by the Controller;

Right to claim correction, deletion, or restricted processing of my personal data;

Right to object against processing for reasons, related to my legitimate interests, public interest or profiling, except if the Controller proves the existence of protection, justified reasons, having a priority over my interests, rights and freedom, or that this processing shall be made in view of claiming, exercising or defense under legal claims;

Right of data transferability;

Right, to submit of complaint before the Commission for personal data protection;

Right at any time to withhold my consent for the collection, processing, and use of my personal data, with validity from now on, as I have to do this in a written form. The term for examination of this request shall be up to 45 working days.

I personally grant my personal data to „Four Х films“ EOOD.

I am aware that if I want to exercise my rights, I have to address my request in written form to:

Star box Casting®

47 Kozyak Street, office 2


Phone +359(0) 8 92 92 92 38

The term for examination of the request shall be up to 45 working days.