Star box castingĀ®

is the Bulgarian based home of various talented individuals - like this meerkat with a bow tie, who we helped achieve stardom.

Actors, models, musicians, dancers, singers, stunts, athletes, body and hand doubles, stand-ins, child actors and babies. Whatever your project needs, we can find the right people for you, from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

This includes unusual physical characteristics - almost 7 feet tall or shorter than 4 feet - and rare skills - proficiency in sign language, martial weapons use like nunchaku and more! ... Why not throw in a unicorn, while we're at it? Just ask and we can find the right talent for you!

You can make use of our audition studio, which is fully equipped with filming and lighting equipment. It comes with an assistant and coffee included.

You do not need to worry about the non-creative tasks, either. We take care of the boring piles of documents, excel spreadsheets, accounts and the copyrights for actors.